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• Nicole Prent - PhD candidate Nicole Prent
EMAIL: nprent [at]

PHONE: 905-828-3808

Dynamic investigations of signal transduction in complex neural networks are a fundamental element in understanding the operation principles of memory and signal processing in living organisms. The development of an ultrafast multimodal laser scanning microscope capable of observing signal transduction in neural networks is an essential tool for the advancement of knowledge of neural communication and memory. Investigating the differences between healthy and sick nervous system tissue would assist in diagnosing and treating neurodegenerative disorders. Numerous neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer disease and Down syndrome would benefit from this research.

Master of Science, 2005
University of Toronto

Bachelor of Science with Distinction, 2004
University of Victoria
Major Physics
Minor Math
Physics Co-op

University of Toronto USRA NSERC research student, May - August 2004

Vancouver Island Cancer Agency, Victoria, BC, January - May 2003

Joint Astronomy Centre, Hilo, Hawaii, September - December 2002

TRIUMF (TRI-University Meson Facility), May - August 2000

Department of Chemical and Physical Sciences
University of Toronto, Mississauga Campus
Laboratory Demonstrator, PHY135Y, 2004/2005
Supervisor: Prof. Wagih Ghobriel

Prent, N., Cisek, R., Greenhalgh, C., Aus der Au, J., Squier, J., and Barzda, V. (2004) \"Imaging individual chloroplasts simultaneously with third- and second-harmonic generation and multiphoton excitation fluorescence microscopy.\" Photosynthesis: Fundamental Aspects to Global Perspectives (accepted 12-09-04, non-refereed conference proceeding)

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