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Room SB5026, UTM. 3359 Mississauga Road North | Mississauga, ON. L5L 1C6
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• Gerardo Quiroz -
EMAIL: gq [at]


My interest in Physics enhances me to search out for realities in the Macrocosmos as well as the Microcosmos. I am currently working as a research assistant for Dr. Barzda's team. In this project I have the opportunity to investigate nano � micro structures. Using a low powered femto laser, we are able to focus the beam on to samples as small as cells. With this technique we are able to detect images by scanning fluorescence, SHG and THG of the corresponding cells.
Some of my duties involve assisting with technical support to requirements of the group and research for devices and techniques that might be handy for the project.

2003 BSc, University of Toronto Mississauga. Astronomy - Major
1993 Completed 3.5 years towards Electronics and Communications Engineering Degree, ITESM (Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiors de Monterrey) Mexico. Queretaro-Monterrey.
1997 - 2000 Took 9 courses in Transpersonal Psychology.

2004 - Research Assistant
Department of Physics, University of Toronto
Erindale Campus Barzda �s Group
Nano-Microscopic Biological and Medical Physics
Research and purchase of devices required for the project
Technical Support for the researchers
Maintenance of the premises

1987 - 1989
Electrician, Excelsior Newspaper. Mexico D.F.


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