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• Anshudeep Mathur - Full-time Summer Student 04/05 Anshudeep Mathur
EMAIL: anshudeep.mathur [at]

I am interested in suitable job opportunities that utilize my existing graphic and web designing skills while allowing me to further expand my capabilities and experience. I believe that a commercial concern that effectively combines use of computer generated graphics and web designing would provide a suitable environment for my career aspirations.

University of Guelph-Humber, Toronto, Canada.

Enrolled in 4-year program: Honours Bachelor Degree in Applied Computing and Diploma in Wireless & Telecommunications Technology

Summer 2006
MEDCRT Website and Layout Design, Univ. of Toronto (In progress)

1st Quarter 2006
Summer Fun Community Sports Camp Website, Toronto

School-year 2005/2006
Website and Layout Design of the Jarvis Jargon ?06, Jarvis Collegiate Institute, Toronto

Summer 2005
Redesigned and implemented new internet technologies in Barzda Lab Web Page

School-year 2004/2005
Created the Jarvis Jargon Website ?05, Jarvis Collegiate Institute, Toronto

July 2004
Designing/creating the Molecular Cell Biology Lab Page, Univ. of Guelph

Summer 2004
Creating the Nano-Microscopic Biological and Medical Physics Lab Page, Univ. of Toronto

January 2004
Designed and created the ITC Alumni Webpage

December 2003
Designed and created the Senses Bureau Page at the Univ. of Toronto [currently inactive]

January 2003

Summer 2001
Summer Project, University of Cologne, Germany

Summer 2006
Logo for 1st International Training Course Alumni Conference, Szeged, Hungary Summer 2006
Scheduled 19th - 21st October 2006.

Spring 2006
Designed Prom Posters, Jarvis Collegiate Institute, Toronto Spring 2006

January 2004
International Training Course Alumni Logo

Summer 2003
Joint Project for Siemens JoinMultimedia Europe-wide contest, Munich, Germany.


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