Department of Chemical and Physical Sciences, University of Toronto Mississauga
Room SB4047, 3359 Mississauga Road North, Mississauga, ON, L5L 1C6, Canada

Welcome to the interdisciplinary group of Nano-Microscopic Biological and Medical Physics where expertise in biophysics, nonlinear optics, photonics, laser technology and advanced engineering of biomedical devices intersects with biology, chemistry, medicine and material sciences. Please have a look at our research on fundamental biophysics processes of contractility and active cell transport, bioenergetics, photosynthesis as well as studies on molecular structural basis of the biological tissue. Explore advanced nonlinear optical microscopy technology that we have developed to achieve our research goals. It is comprised of multicontrast multidimensional microscopes, femtosecond lasers for microscopy, novel labels for harmonic microscopy, as well as three-dimensional image analysis and rendering software for visualization of microscopic structures. Learn about fundamentals of nonlinear microscopy in the education section and discover a broad range of nonlinear microscopy applications:

  • collagen imaging for optical guided therapy and surgery
  • histopathology for cancer diagnostics
  • crystalline cellulose imaging for pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and paper industry
  • starch imaging for food quality control and biofuel research
  • protein crystallography
  • structural imaging for nanotechnology, optical communication, and material science


Please, contact us if you would like to learn more about our fundamental biophysics research and applications of nonlinear microscopy, wish to explore the advanced nonlinear microscopy technology by joining our group or establishing collaboration, or are interested in contributing to the technology transfer. We wish to share our excitement of seeing live biological nanostructures and understanding the molecular structural basis of the biological processes.




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